Meet my executive assistant – Thomas the Wonder Cat


When we first saw this fuzzy little guy he was in a cage at the Petland SPCA adoption centre in Nanaimo – trying to figure out how to work the lock without opposable thumbs.  When we went back a few days later, he was still trying to turn the giant knob that would bring him sweet freedom – this time he was on his back using all fours to gain some momentum.  Bringing a cat home wasn’t in our plans but his problem solving skills and ‘can-do’ attitude could come in handy during the zombie apocalypse. 

He’s lived on two pacific islands, south-central BC, a suburban acreage, in the heart of an east coast city and now in the middle of the prairies.  He’s amazingly adept at adjusting to new homes, but loathes the actual travel (specifically, flying).

He doesn’t care for people who aren’t ‘his own’.  There are a few he will tolerate, and a rare group he will snuggle.  He presents an immediate challenge to visitors…an insatiable need to gain his approval, like a distant and exotic uncle who is rumoured to have millions stuffed in his mattress and no heir.

A once might hunter, he was’outed’ in a local newspaper for his penchant for leaving the headless corpses of various woodland creatures scattered about, like pirate bodies left hanging at a harbours entrance, both a warning and a boast.  He’s slowed down quite a bit in the past couple of years, the travel and adventure have taken their toll.  These days he is content to act as my personal secretary – waking me in the morning, collaborating on my writing and research, reminding me to take breaks…he never asks for a raise or time off, but he does complain heartily when I go off on business trips leaving him to deal with the day-to-day on his own. 

We joined forces ten years ago this week.  Happy Anniversary Wonder Cat.

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