…talk amongst yourselves…


I’ve spent the better part of today unpacking and repacking desks, drawers, closets and shelving… It seems that in all of the chaos and excitement of the last move, I’ve lost the backup from my desktop computer…the backup of all of our photographs from the digital age.  Wouldn’t be such a horrible thing if I hadn’t wiped that sucker clean and donated it to charity before I moved.  

Stacks of work sit on my desk, calls go unanswered, hair goes unwashed… I’ve become patently obsessed.  My only distraction from panic and grief was provided by a short interval of vexing failure as I tried to reattach the rogue ‘G’ key on our spare laptop.  ‘G’ is the key that sits quietly unnoticed until he’s no longer there and you try to” _oo_le” somethin’. 

There’s a lesson here…something about technology and the modern world, or maybe it’s about letting go of things you can’t control…whatever it is – if it’s anywhere in this house I’m bound to stumble on it eventually.

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