Statistically speaking…

Stockwell Day…for anyone outside of Canada, or time-traveling without a ‘Froder’s Guide to Canadian Embarrassments of the early 21st Century’, is currently the Treasury Board President of Canada. 

On August 3 he scheduled a press conference to talk about Canada’s Economic Action Plan.  Woot!  Economic action!  What he ended up talking about was a statistical data-set on unreported crimes.  Hmmm…statistical data… that can’t be verified.   Seems that’s something this government can really get behind. 

Oh to live in the shiny, simple world that our highest level bureaucrats call home.  More jails = safer communities.  We can reduce the deficit while spending a billion dollars on an international networking event.  Privacy for everyone, especially the marginalized, disenfranchised, poor and under-educated. 

Twenty years ago I walked into The Black Rose, a dingy little tattoo parlour on Hollis Street in Halifax.  There were no trendy, well-lit body modification clinics back then…just old school dens of smoke and ink.  I was young, idealistic and sure that any image that permanently marked you imbued you with its character and strength.  The maple leaf I had inked that day solidified my belief in social compassion, equity and a greater community.  Even under the conservative government of the day, it seemed that the Canadian sensibility would always win out. 

Our government is a representation of who we are as a country, which makes me wonder where our national identity is going and if I need the name of a good laser clinic.

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