…apocalypse, we can has?

People susceptible to bubonic plague should be cautious around prairie dogs.

 In addition to being the birthplace of socialized medicine, the wheat basket of Canada and home to the most dedicated (read completely insane) sports fans this side of the Atlantic, Saskatchewan seems to also be in some kind of biblical vortex of doom.

Floods, pestilence and now… plague. http://tiny.cc/522ol

I’m no Sibylline scholar but it seems to me there’s a waft of apocalyptic foreshadowing on the wind. 

I, for one, have started scouting remote locations, assembling my survival squad (Hi, Marilyn!) and hoarding TP.  If you hear the soft thud of hail on your roof tonight – you might want to take a peak outside, just to make sure it isn’t actually frogs.

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