Super Ralphie

Twenty years. I’m officially in ‘I’ve had him longer than not’ territory. 

Things haven’t really played out like we envisioned at the beginning.  We don’t sweat the small stuff anymore…mainly because we know what it is to face the stuff that’s not.  Two decades worth of anger, fear, grief and disappointment folded and packed away with gentle hands.  What we keep out for every-day use is affection, laughter and friendship.

My strong, silent hero… his superpowers lie in his insatiable curiosity, dry wit, fluffy pancakes, silly songs on weekend mornings and inexplicable ability to live with me through all and sundry. 

The story so far has taken us from the arctic circle to sandstone beaches….the Hill O’ Witches to the Boreal forest.  Along the way we’ve encountered everything from norwegian swingers to talking crows.  Through it all we hold hands, breathe deeply and keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I never know what direction this adventure will take, but I’m always glad I took that first step.

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