There’s been a noticeable change in the air … a bit of chill cutting through the summer humidity, a discernible change in the morning light.  It’s a reminder that the wheel of time continues to turn, even when we aren’t paying attention.

This week my father’s brother passed away.  A gregarious man with a streak of mischief a mile wide…

He and his family are deeply woven in the memories of my childhood, though I doubt any of them know how large a part they played.  Certainly, I never told them…not then, not now.  Through the distance of time and space, it all became so…complicated.

The wheel will continue to turn, maybe it’s time I start paying attention. 

Rest easy Keto.

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One Response to Shifting…

  1. sherpamama says:

    You are sooo sweet looking in this picture 🙂

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