Frickin’ laser beams…

SR has the most beautiful baby blues I’ve ever encountered… and today some mad scientist is going to shoot frickin’ laser beams into one of them under the guise of retinal repair.  What’s next?  “Neck pain? You’ll feel much better if I dig my elbow in there and root around”. “Heart problems?  No worries, just take some of this rat poison”.  “Apply this mouldy poultice to the infected area twice a day”.  Call me skeptical…

It’s OK, SR – I have an elaborate and exceedingly complicated plan involving disguise, subterfuge and small ice weasels to rescue you…just have to locate the C4 and some fresh rosemary.

The next few days chez OdM will be the blind leading the blind in fence reconstruction and the art of post digging.  While we’re out trying not to cut off our own, or anyone else’s digits with a reciprocating saw, you should watch Christopher Walken reciting Lady Gaga’s ‘Pokerface’ on the Jonathon Ross Show:

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One Response to Frickin’ laser beams…

  1. sherpamama says:

    BTW, I meant the CAT’S man boobs! All the initials and name subterfuge threw me off as to the recipient of the lasering!! Good luck to SR – ask for lotssss of valium! (and share at least one w/ him)

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