No…thank YOU…

Construction, thy name is pain.

The great fence fiasco of 2010 is well under-way.  Two days, six panels and several cuts and bruises later we’ve clearly demonstrated that a) SR’s need for all things to be square to the world may lead to his tragic end; b) those ‘core muscles’ everyone keeps talking about would come in handy right about now; c) measure once, cut twice is no joke and d) math in base 12 is not everyone’s forte (just sayin’).

Behold the glory!

Turning to more timely irritants…my faith in the sincerity of the Government of Canada, upon listening to them proclaim their wish to thank me for remaining on the line, is shaken every time I hear that my call is important and then I’m subjected to a muzak version of Etta James.  I think what they really mean is, “… SUCKA…”

I’m hanging in there just to be spiteful.  I can’t even remember why I called.

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