Crossed that bridge…

The east coast is a-weighin’ on my mind today.  I’ve been reading mail from folks that are thinking about leaving and from folks who are thinking about staking a claim. There’s argument to be made for both sides…just don’t ask me to make it.

No, really – you’re going to request the advice of a virtual gypsy on where you should live? I’ve been criss-crossing this great nation since Air Canada was a government run national airline.  (I may be dating myself there.)

I used to succumb to waves of ennui…when I was in the west, I romanticized the east…in the east, I romanticized the west…the point I missed entirely was that my experiences were unique and authentic and could never be recaptured.  Pining for a location is no more than pining for your imagination. So, I’ve learned to build my nest where I land.

That means if you want my advice on where you should live, it’s always going to be within a mile of me…’cause if you’re crazy enough to ask, I probably want you where I can keep an eye on you.

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