In need of a little boost…

“Amazing how much “self-help” advice never gets to the part where you cowboy up and learn how to actually help yourself.” – Merlin Mann

This morning it feels as if the daily wear and tear is taking its toll.  This isn’t unique and special, I imagine that everyone periodically feels like rolling themselves up in a flannel duvet and crawling into a dark corner of the basement to pupate.  Entire empires have been built on the premise that we’re flawed, tired and confused most of the time.

Anxious and generally fatigued, we’ll try whatever hokum they throw at us…you KNOW there’s a group of marketers in a room somewhere still weeping with laughter over that whole ‘colonic’ thing.

So, here I sit – introspective and generally down…evaluating my environment.  I’m thinking back to all those magazine articles I’ve read in the chiropractor’s waiting room and the snippets of day-time TV that have filtered in over the years.  I’ve asked myself ‘how’s that working for you?’, ‘are you living as your authentic self?’, and ‘where is your self-esteem right now?’.

And I’ve discovered the secret…the one missing element…coffee.  Sweet, life-giving elixir, ambrosia of the gods, hot steamin’ joe…. it’s no wonder my defenses are down.

Whew, for a minute I felt like I might drink the Kool-aid… really all I need is a double espresso.

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3 Responses to In need of a little boost…

  1. sherpamama says:

    EB just learned about everyone’s “invisible bucket” that is filled w/ joy. Some people are bucket fillers, some are bucket dippers and sometimes you gotta fill your own bucket! Sounds like that dble espresso filled your bucket quite nicely (and i must confess – your randomnesses often refill mine – thanks :). Here’s to full buckets!!

  2. sherpamama says:

    OOOOO! Your emoticon stole my parentheses! Now my bad grammar is tipping my bucket! grrrrrrrr….

    • nowlansgirl says:

      Our buckets must be hanging side by each on rickety winches… easy to tip and easy to fill. I think EB should come do some work-shopping on this whole ‘Bucket’ phenom, there’s a whole generation of folks out there who have no idea they’re responsible for their own buckets…I sense a revolution!

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