Things I didn’t see coming…

a) This morning brought the cold reality of being Canadian.  Literal, cold reality. Frost and snow reality.  (I swear there were bell-ringers traipsing through the streets yelling, “…bring out your fleece…”.) I really thought there’d be more time.

b) I’ve been feeling the tug of wanderlust, torn between adventure for the sake of adventure; a comfortable jaunt to see old friends; or a journey home seeking solace.  I’m surprised this urge to travel is even in my peripheral…shocked at how strong the pull is.  It feels like a delayed ‘flight’ response to the disappointments and challenges of the last twelve months…I know I don’t have much ‘fight’ left.

c)  I’m a little homesick.  If you know me, you know I’m choking on those words.

To distract from these disquieting tidbits – I watch Robert Lucas de Pearsall’s “Duetto buffo di due gatti”…you should too: (no, seriously, Dude!, watch this)

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One Response to Things I didn’t see coming…

  1. sherpamama says:

    A. Ditto
    B. Ditto
    C. Am in the only place that has every felt like home, yet oddly, Ditto.

    Wish I could fly you over the boarder – It appears we are preparing to have a meeting of the Silva minds in the next few weeks here at Jubilee…

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