all the news that’s fit…

I wasn’t glued to a screen watching the rescue of 33 miners halfway around the world…I grew up in a region with coal mines, this is not an unique story. Actually, I resent having to endure the disapproving glares I’ve been getting from people trying to engage me in small talk about it.  A woman in my Dr.’s office actually tutted at me and went to sit on the other side of the lounge when I told her I was too busy working on my plan for world domination to stand vigil by my tv.

Not that I’m not happy for them, and their families, and the news anchors that got to work overtime and the sponsors that were lucky enough to get slots in the ‘crucial’ timeframes.  It’s just so removed from my day-to-day that it didn’t…’captivate’ me.

So I get it when you say you’re sick of ‘the news’, snippets of information from around the globe that don’t relate to you directly, don’t ‘captivate’ you.  And I get that you don’t think it’s productive to hear about the local crime stats or how city council is spending its budget or what level of douchebaggery the federal conservatives have sunk to this time …really I do.

There’s an entire movement out there, a happening…it’s unhip and irrelevant to tune into commercial media.  And it’s the duty of that hipster, enlightened flock to get all snotty about those of us who start (and often end) our day with the latest bulletins from the mothercorp (all hail CBC).

Let’s be honest.  I’m a sceptic.  Hell, I’m a full-blown, middle-aged curmudgeon.  But I endure the ubiquitous banality in order to sift out what I can about what’s happening in my community – from municipal to global – because I can’t effect change or make informed decisions if I don’t know what’s going on outside the bubble of my own small life.

I don’t rely on commercial media as my sole source of information, I take very little at face value, but I do soak it in – fodder for the ol’ noggin.  And then I wander out into the great, wide world and try to find like-minded folks who have been thinking about some of those self-same things and maybe, together, we can change the stories we wake up to from robbery, murder, and corruption to community involvement, compassion and harmony.  …And maybe pigs’ll fly.

OK, this war might not be winnable, but I’ve seen some great battle victories, fought by every day Joes who just wanted to do the right thing.

I think I just fell through my soap box…

So, stop giving me that annoying, self-righteous stink-eye while I’m squinting through the morning paper, OK? …in exchange, I promise not to engage you in small talk or discussions about the weather…it’s win-win.

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