and now a word…

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about words.  Not necessarily the ones coming out of my mouth at any given moment – but that’s a different post.

I think about where words originate, how they evolve, who uses them and the power that they hold.

Visual images are evocative and immediate, words often simmer a long time, growing heated as you hold them under strong light and scrutinize them from every angle. For better, or for worse.

Language can sooth and strike with equal force.  A well crafted paragraph is sometimes all it takes to reduce me to a quivering mass of snot and tears.  A single word, uttered at the right time, by the right person, can throw me into that crazy silent laugh…an uncontrolled spasm where I can’t breathe, can’t stop and eventually can’t remember why that word was so funny. (If this never happens to you, you aren’t spending enough time with SR – King of the deadpan non-sequitor.)

I’ve decided to give NaBloPoMo a whir this November…indulging myself (’cause let’s face it, what’s more self-indulgent than self-publishing?) in the joy and sorrow of putting one word in front of another…every day…for the entire month.  And you get to sit back and soak in the horror.   Every day some new way to increase eye-rolling to epidemic proportions.  Ophthalmologists everywhere are sitting back in their tilty chairs, tenting their fingers and slowly smiling.

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