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Mr. November

Things I learned during NaBloPoMo… I have the world’s best enablers…they listen even when I don’t have anything to say.  Some day I will gather you all together for a hippie lovefest / zombie cull.  Heed my call for guest posts! … Continue reading

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A Sphinx, her riddle great and terrifying.  Her mystery shaping generations.  I’m frozen, a hair’s breadth from the answer…not knowing if I’m more afraid of uncovering a truth or leaving her forgotten in the shadows.

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Nothing is as it seems…

No expository ranting here –  I’m referring to elk sausage.  I woke up this morning to SR cooking up a Sunday mornin’ storm…more accurately, my nose woke me up in protest as the smell of elk sausage penetrated the house.  … Continue reading

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Saturday is a day for gratitude…

This week my gratitude is built on a foundation of clean underwear.  Something I took for granted for far too long. Thanks to the intrepid Super Ralphie, our stocks are replenished…there are tidy stacks of all sorts.  A reign of peace began … Continue reading

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I’m working on it…

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Sleep typing is the new black…

Dudes….seriously…it’s late, I’m tired.  The only coherent thoughts in my head are, “mmm, I really like saag paneer”, and, “I’m pretty sure the cat box can hold off until tomorrow”.  For a home-body, introvert with anti-social tendancies, it’s been a jam-packed … Continue reading

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Always look on the bright side of life…

SR talked me into trading a hot bath and a square meal for food court fries and a touring production of Spamalot.  I should let him talk me into more things… sure, I’m dirty and hungry, but I’m humming a … Continue reading

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Continuing in the cookie theme…

This guy doesn’t let a little cookie snackin’ slow him down… Cookie Monster Auditions for SNL (This is what you get from the gal that just spent 16 hours surrounded by spreadsheets and stale coffee.  Take heart, Poppets – tomorrow night … Continue reading

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Breaking news on AB health care…

“…I’m still eating my cookie” This was a national news piece last night.  I like to think it was because nothing of any importance or interest happened yesterday.  I also like to think that was one choice cookie…I could use … Continue reading

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An Open Question…

…to airlines everywhere:  what does the word ‘reservation’ mean in your language? If you have , say, twenty available seats on an aircraft, you can be sure tiny avionic gnomes aren’t going to sneak down the gangplank and install more … Continue reading

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