*snrkkkkt…*I’m up…

Off to a dark and early start after a night of wine, chocolate and scary beasties knockin’ down the door.  Or was that the night before in Capitol City?  The weekend is pretty much a blur.

Remember your college boyfriend’s apartment?  The dishes were never done, the furniture was salvaged from a great-aunt’s basement, and you were never guaranteed there would be toilet paper.  There was always that sad poster purchased at the mega-art sale on campus…an Ansel Adams, or Klimt’s ‘the Kiss’…meant to bring the whole look together.  You loved the occupant, but the thought of spending time there made you cry.  That’s Capitol City.

Aesthetics aside, it’s a happening mecca of business things… I hitched a ride down with SR, who was on his way to the ABEX business awards (congrats, you crazy award-winning peeps, you).  My own plans were leaning more toward a night of legislated nostalgia – dinner with a dear friend thanks to kismet and her nomadic professional life.

A combination of the dense fog, cold, damp air, a generous glass of wine and the company of my oldest confident made the city feel like home during the cab ride back to the hotel.  The harsh light of the morning reminded me that this time of year is filled with illusion.





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