Taken for granite…

She* lives in my hallway, at the top of the stairs.  A solid piece of maritime granite, standing guard over us while we sleep. She offers the protection of myth and ocean and age and spirit.  

Hard, impermeable, crystalline…she was born fluid.  375 million years solidified her, shaped her, cut her from her home.  Her face is striated with our history.  I’m comforted by her permanence and, in a small way, I grieve for how she was taken, scarred and sold.  Reformed by will rather than nature.

As she stands her post, unwavering, I wonder if she dreams of the South Mountain Batholith calling her home. 

*’Menopausal Devil’ was sculpted by Gail Logan of One Sky Now Gallery, Mahone Bay, NS.  I fell in love with her the second I saw her at the Lunenburg Art Gallery. 

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