When SR and I move into a new neighborhood, the first few weeks are filled with stress and apprehension…we are unable to rest easy until we identify (dum, dum, DUM) our nemesis. 

Sometimes it’s the guy next door who becomes righteously indignant when you won’t leave your car keys in your mailbox so he can move your car if you aren’t home; sometimes it’s the couple across the lane who party until 4am during the week; sometimes it’s the passive aggressive nutjob that thinks they have a say in how and when you mow your lawn.  C’mon you know you have one.  Once they’re out in the open, you can shore yourself against the onslaught of dog turds on the lawn, the unshoveled walk or the complaints about the unsightly fence you just built.

Don’t have one at home?  How about at work? The fellow that doesn’t know when to end a conversation; the manager that keeps stealing your twizzlers; the cologne wearing salesman with the incurable ‘finger-gun, wink’ combo.  Having a nemesis creates balance and harmony.  Without one you wouldn’t know where to focus your daily irritation.  They give order to the universe – the sun must come up, the rain must fall, Bob from accounting must take the last cup of coffee and not brew a new pot. 

Norwegian director Stian Hafstad thinks there’s something to it…this short makes me want to break out my long undies and start screaming inside my head:

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