This is as good as it gets…

The next three to four days are a hypnotic whirl of spreadsheets, meetings, commuting, coaching and general chaos.  I wouldn’t say I’ve sold my soul, more like it’s on mid-term lease.  We’ll be back to your regularly scheduled drabble in no time, but meanwhile I’ve made a pledge to fill the interwebs with a daily dose of self-indulgence for…oh…another 16 days. 

SR is packed and outward bound this afternoon for another week of being important, elsewhere.   I take off the day before he gets back…we almost intersect somewhere over the pacific coast. 

There are dozens of half-finished essays, research notes and outline chapters littering my laptop right now… I’m so afraid they’ll atrophy and die as the real world breaks its way in.  The price paid for being responsible might be too high.

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