Saturday is a day for gratitude…

This week my gratitude is built on a foundation of clean underwear.  Something I took for granted for far too long. Thanks to the intrepid Super Ralphie, our stocks are replenished…there are tidy stacks of all sorts.  A reign of peace began as the last socks were folded.

Also – vainglorious whining.  To have come so far in my life that I can complain about a professional job with a decent salary, owning my own home, and being exhausted from my hedonistic lifestyle.  From a gal who was once of ‘no fixed address’, this kind of meglomaniacal kvetching is a luxury I never thought I’d afford.

And finally, the immeasurable grace of seeing things end.  Things like NoBloPoMo…things like football season in Saskatchewan…things like 2010.  To find yourself in the light after you’d given up any hope of leaving the dark…that’s something to be grateful for.

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