Nothing is as it seems…

No expository ranting here –  I’m referring to elk sausage. 

I woke up this morning to SR cooking up a Sunday mornin’ storm…more accurately, my nose woke me up in protest as the smell of elk sausage penetrated the house.  When you aren’t expecting the smell of searing wild game, it can be a stomach turning way to start the day.  Poor SR – living with my super-sensitive schnozz for the past two decades, he knew the second those puppies started to sizzle he was in trouble.

Lest we get into a negative spiral, you should know that after a shower, half a cup of coffee, and a good airing of the kitchen; those sausages were the best breakfast meats I’ve ever had.  Lean, dark, well seasoned nuggets of wonder and delight. 

They may have been too good.  The folks who make them gave us the first pack free…not unlike crack dealers or digital cable providers.  It’s not like we can mosey down to the local Save-On and pick up a pack.  I see trouble on the horizon – but for now, I’m just gonna enjoy the high.

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