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Just enough to hold you over… Am I the only one who buckles under the weight of January?  SR and I have, collectively, come down with plague.  Subtle, insidious, plague bringing exhaustion and excessive mucus .  Clever, clever plague. To fill those hours of immobility and … Continue reading

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Setting the tone…

There are times when I sit at the computer and start typing a litany of personal injustices,  frustrations and general craptastic irritants that cause my innards to churn.  It’s a Mulligan Stew of reaction. There’s a bit of whining, a generous helping of … Continue reading

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Solid protocols…

It’s come to this…the British have started enforcing idiocy laws.  I hear they’re also arresting folks for publicly debating the merits of anything aired on TLC.

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Calendars, Ho!

This time of year lends itself to retrospection.  Retrospection and butter.  Perhaps in equal proportion.  Too much of either will cause chest pains and the irrepressible urge to wear stretchy-pants. I’ve always loved the hope and possibility held in a fresh new … Continue reading

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