Setting the tone…

There are times when I sit at the computer and start typing a litany of personal injustices,  frustrations and general craptastic irritants that cause my innards to churn.  It’s a Mulligan Stew of reaction. There’s a bit of whining, a generous helping of righteous indignation, a dollop of self-pity, maybe even a pinch of guilt seasoning the fare.  I type and then I delete,  I type and then I delete. 

Why do I delete?  Because the total of what is created can be summed up with “Life’s not fair”, “S/He’s mean”, “I’m tired”, and – my personal favourite, “People are poop-heads”.  Sometimes, I use those words.  Sometimes I use large, polysyllabic words that are rarely seen outside a thesaurus.  I create mellifluous orations about how right I am.  I metaphorically pout and stamp my feet. Ultimately, though it makes me feel better to write them, reading them isn’t very interesting – not even for me…because it is not unique to feel sad, frustrated, angry, wronged.  It’s universal.  And easy.  And reliving it, clinging to it, doesn’t resolve it.  So I delete…

…and then pull out my voodoo dolls.

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