Just enough to hold you over…

Am I the only one who buckles under the weight of January?  SR and I have, collectively, come down with plague.  Subtle, insidious, plague bringing exhaustion and excessive mucus .  Clever, clever plague.

To fill those hours of immobility and drool, we turned to Netflix; specifically – Survivors.  BBC once again leads the way in post-apocalyptic squee.  A pandemic flu virus rampages the earth, eradicating well over 90% of the population.  Then it’s all Lord of the Flies meets the Swiss Family Robinson.  If you haven’t watched it; time’s a-wastin’, there are two seasons to get through. 

(If you’re down-loading, you need to know that this is a remake of a 1970’s series…I can’t vouch for the original.)

Hypochondriacs might want to forego watching pandemic disaster series while battling flu symptoms…not that I’ve been excessively checking my temperature or looking for weird lumps.  *cough*

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