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side by each

  These photos were both taken on the same day in March.  I took the one on the left from my back door.  Super Ralphie took the one on the right from a church tower in Barcelona. Next Sunday I’ll … Continue reading

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The trees are budding!

This is how spring rolls here on the prairies… (mmmm…spring rolls)

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Deja Vu2

    I was at the Vancouver Aquarium just before Xmas, hangin’ out with the jelly fish and coelaocanths when I noticed some penguins re-enacting old U2 posters, you know, ironically. Then they waddled off with a six of Pabst … Continue reading

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…staff profile

Thomas, the Wondercat – as assistants go, he’s been the most dependable, loyal, whiney, loudmouthed, inspiring and comforting right-hand anyone could ask for.  But he still can’t make coffee worth a damn.

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The end is nigh…

This is an honest-to-goodness unaltered shot of the twilight sky in my backyard the evening of August 16.  I was absolutely certain hooded figures, flaming swords held high, would descend on winged horses.  If I recall correctly, there wasn’t so much … Continue reading

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Neither here nor there…

The Half Moon Christina Rossetti The half moon shows a face of plaintive sweetness   Ready and poised to wax or wane; A fire of pale desire in incompleteness,   Tending to pleasure or to pain:— Lo, while we gaze … Continue reading

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Over the years, we’ve attempted a garden in every home where we’ve had access to a yard.  I say ‘attempted’ because there always seemed to be an insurmountable hurdle between us and fresh veggies.  Between my lack of attention and … Continue reading

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Almost from the moment friends separate, or lovers each becomes somebody else, another living on inside the other. A year passes,    five years,    ten. Something always dies when we meet again. -Alden Nowlan

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For several weeks in June and July, every time I drove down Cumberland Avenue, just past Taylor, I saw the Mystery Machine.  Just sitting there.  Parked outside a tidy bungalow in a quiet residential area of Saskatoon.  All aqua and orange and screaming … Continue reading

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Wondering what Bridghid’s been up to?

Two words:  Road Trip! Two days filled with prairie picnics; exploring the Badlands; riding dinosaurs in Drumheller (followed shortly by running from a pack of crazed zombie ground squirrels); visiting with the family; BAD Thai food; a day at Calgary Expo silently … Continue reading

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